The Unifix-S3 is a highly flexible grey tile adhesive. It’s a normal setting mortar with high extremely high adhesive strength, reduced slipping, extended open time, increased deflection, thin bed and very low emissions.

It’s waterproof and frost resistant can be used for heated substrates, on balconies and terraces, and can be used as part of a system for green screed applications and many other substrates subject to high movement. It can also be used on damp, cement-based substrates and for critical substrates with heavy loads. For walls and floors, interior and exterior use.


  • approx. 2.80 kg/m² with 6 mm notched trowel
  • approx. 3.70 kg/m² with 8 mm notched trowel
  • approx. 4.70 kg/m² with 10 mm notched trowel
  • C2TES2


  • Size 33.33kg   Pallet Quantity 42
  • Size 20kg/bucket  Pallet Quantity 18

Click here to view the Technical Data Sheet for Unifix-S3

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