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Silicones & Sealants

Panabond Silicones & Sealants

Ready mixed 4:1 packs of sand and rapid setting cement.

Panabond Plasticiser

An extra strength admixture. Use at the rate of 100cc per 50kg of cement.

Mortar Plasticiser

A liquid admixture for use in bricklaying and plastering mortars. Use at the rate of 280cc per 50kg of cement.

Panabond Renderplast

A highly concentrated waterproofer and plasticiser, which improves the workability of the mix and gives long-term protection against dampness and driving rain.

Panabond Liquid Frostproofer & Rapid Hardener

A calcium chloride-based liquid admixture for use as a concrete and mortar accelerator and hardener. Not for use in reinforced concrete.

PVA Bond

A multi-purpose adhesive. Also for use as an admixture, bonding agent or primer. High solids content for superior performance.
Bitumen & Roofing

Panabond Water Stop

A rapid repair sealing compound for roofs, gutters, gullies, and the like. Seals immediately, even underwater and can be applied in all weather conditions.

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